Satta king Gali Paintings

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There are a lot of famous paintings of Satta king Gali and it is also true that he is one of the most famous painters who inspired artists like Manet, Monet and Degas. What is interesting about Satta Gali is that the styles of his works vary from the ones followed by other artists of the past. Satta Gali, though, followed some techniques which can be described as the ‘father of the artistic movement’ called ‘Satta Gana’.

The first style of Satta Gali painting which can be traced back to his early years is known as the ‘Ministry Painting’. This form of Satta Gali saw his paintings focus on the role of the government in society and depict scenes of bureaucratic jobs, festivals and other things related to the lives of the common people. This form of Satta Gali was later adopted by others like Picasso.

Another style of Satta Gali is known as the ‘veiled art’. It is characterized by large fields of a light blue or sometimes darkish color, which gives the impression of a heavy veil floating over the image of the subject. The size and shape of this canvas are never clear-cut. Though the canvas is large, it gives the impression of being fluid.

Yet another Satta Gali painting called ‘Bamboo Painting’ portrays a scene of a bamboo forest which is full of green leaves. In this painting the leaves of the trees seem to move in a circular pattern. Satta Gali uses a lot of white and transparent colours to suggest the water. This technique of Satta Gali is often used to suggest the tranquil and refreshing atmosphere of a forest.

Satta Gali also employed a lot of black for his painting of the sea. Though the colours are dark blue and black, the background is not. The sea appears to have a deep depth and one can sense the depths of the sea by looking at the contrast between the two colour tones used. The effect of deep sea resembles that of the depths of the blackness of space and hence the term satta.

All the images in Satta Gali’s painting have a strong sense of depth. These images portray the strong influence of Javanese art on Gali. In addition to being inspired by Javanese art, Satta Gali also studied the works of some other artists of South India. An example of these other artists is Brihat Ramamrut, who is from Kerala. Ramamrut Gali has some of Satta Gali’s paintings in his showroom.

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